Yandex Webmaster

What is Yandex Webmaster?

Yandex is a popular search engine in Russia and its Webmaster Tools is a free site where you can see how your content is listed in their search results. Some of the features of Yandex Webmaster include automatic site error checking, displaying how a site will work on mobile devices, and comparing a site’s resources with those of its competitors. Additionional feature include:

  • The ability to check for violations of search engine rules, which can help you to fix any issues and improve your SEO.
  • Notification of new site reviews, so that you can quickly respond to any feedback or criticism.
  • The creation of a Turbo version of your store that loads faster from mobile devices, which can help reduce failures and increase conversions.
  • The Crawling tool allows you to see how your website is indexed by search engines. You can also use it to create a Sitemap file, which will help search engines index your website more quickly.
  • This Indexing stats provide information on how well your website is indexed and how many pages have been indexed.
  • The structure management tool helps you manage your website’s structure by grouping together small sections of the site and creating shared virtual sections for pages from different sections.